About Steven Scoggin, P.C.

Steven Scoggin is a Social Security disability attorney who has dedicated his practice to helping people obtain Social Security disability benefits. Steven Scoggin is board certified by the National Board of Legal Speciality Certification in Social Security Disability Advocacy.

Steven Scoggin represents people in:

The two main adult disability programs are:

Steven Scoggin assists people by representing them through the administrative appeals process in attempt to obtain Social Security disability benefits. He helps claimants by: obtaining evidence; counseling claimant's through the process; educating claimant's on the law and their burden of proof; educating claimants on what to expect at the hearing and what questions will be asked of them at the hearing.

Steven Scoggin represents people attempting to obtain Social Security disability benefits in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Steven Scoggin has traveled the country to help people in other states. Steven Scoggin's principal regional office is located in Dallas, Texas. However, simply because Steven Scoggin's office is in Dallas, Texas does not mean he cannot represent you. Your hearing will be scheduled at the ODAR or remote hearing site in closest proximity to where you live. Additionally, most business can be conducted through the mail or over the phone. And, 90% of the cases won are ultimately resolved at the hearing level of the Social Security disability appeals process. Thus, if you need a Social Security disability attorney let Steven Scoggin come to you.